A Few of My Favourite Things: A Guest Post by Jane Lovering, Author of Can’t Buy Me Love

Can't buy me love

I’m delighted to be helping to celebrate the paperback publication of Can’t Buy My Love by Jane Lovering.

Published by ChocLit on 9th May 2017, Can’t Buy Me Love is available for purchase in e-book and paperback here. To celebrate and in keeping with the title, I asked Jane about her favourite (free) things and luckily she agreed to tell me!

Can’t Buy Me Love

Can't buy me love

Is it all too good to be true?

When Willow runs into her old university crush, Luke, she’s a new woman with a new look – not to mention a little bit more cash after a rather substantial inheritance. Could she be lucky enough to score a fortune and her dream man at the same time?

Then Willow meets Cal; a computer geek with a slightly odd sense of humour. They get on like a house on fire – although she soon realises that there is far more to her unassuming new friend than meets the eye …

But money doesn’t always bring happiness, and Willow finds herself struggling to know who to trust. Are the new people in her life there because they care – or is there another reason?

These are a few of my favourite (free) things …

A Guest Post by Jane Lovering

Can’t Buy Me Love by Jane Lovering is out now in paperback and, to celebrate, Jane is sharing her three favourite things … that are free!

  1. Walking my dogs.  Well, I say ‘walking’, it’s more of a controlled sprint; my young dog likes to run everywhere and, because she’s a Patterdale, she has to be prevented from chasing and/or attacking things.  So walks can be a little bit fraught at times.  But, because I live in the most beautiful part of the country (sorry, might be a bit biased), there are lots of places to go, beaches, moorland, open countryside …  And, because I live in the wilds, I don’t even need to get into the car to be able to walk for miles across stunning scenery.  Do I sound smug? I don’t mean to.
  2. I am a huge fan of my bed.  Left to my own devices, I doubt I’d leave it, except for the essentials. It’s big and cosy and I have two duvets and an electric blanket (see above, re living in the wilds, which means big, cold house) and a big pile of books that make me feel guilty on a daily basis.  There’s nothing like climbing into a big, warm bed after a busy day and curling up under forty layers of … actually, I have no idea what my duvets are made of, but they are snuggly so I don’t care … and sleeping for nine or ten hours.  This may seem like an unnecessary amount of sleep, but I had five children, so I’m owed about twelve years of sleep backlog, which I am making up.  And then I wake up to sheep and birdsong, and a Patterdale threatening the milkman.
  3. There is nothing in the world quite so much fun as a really good giggle.  Whether it’s laughing with friends or watching something alone on TV and having a good snort, laughing just makes me feel generally that the world is an all right sort of place. So, whether it’s an episode of iZombie (which I adore, it’s not as scary as it sounds) or re-reading a Terry Pratchett novel, or just watching the cat fall in the pond (again, you’d have thought she’d have learned by now), I really enjoy laughing.  Sometimes I just laugh randomly, if I have an amusing thought, which I am coming to realise makes me look like a mad old woman, but, well, maybe that’s no so far from the truth!

About Jane Lovering

Jane Lovering

Jane was, presumably, born, although everyone concerned denies all knowledge. However there is evidence that her early years were spent in Devon (she can still talk like a pirate under the right conditions) and of her subsequent removal to Yorkshire under a sack and sedation.

She now lives in North Yorkshire, where she writes romantic comedies and labours under the tragic misapprehension that Johnny Depp is coming for her any day now.

Jane’s likes include marshmallows, the smell of cucumbers and the understairs cupboard, words beginning with B, and Doctor Who. She writes with her laptop balanced on her knees whilst lying on her bed, and her children have been brought up to believe that real food has a high carbon content. And a kind of amorphous shape.

You can follow Jane on Twitter, visit her website and find her on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things: A Guest Post by Jane Lovering, Author of Can’t Buy Me Love

  1. KATE FITZROY says:

    excellent blog, Jane and made a good start to my day. I empathise and it has made me realise that my own romance novels have taken over my life. I have now invented a younger sister to be the author of a more serious book that I have just published. Too complicated to explain here and now but take a look below.

    Liked by 1 person

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