First Editions, A Guest Post by Jan Ellis, Author of The Bookshop Detective

bookshop detective

It’s a busy time for Jan Ellis at the moment with the first two books in The Bookshop by The Sea series published by Waverley Books today, 23 March 2017, and French Kisses and A London Affair out in paperback in May 2017. You can read my review of French Kisses here, and I’m thrilled to be quoted on the cover for its new release with A London Affair.

French kisses

The Bookshop Detective is published today, 23rd March 2017 and is available for purchase here.

As she’s so busy I’m delighted that Jan has found time to drop in to Linda’s Book Bag and tell me a bit about how a first edition book has influenced her own writing.

All of Jan’s books are availble for purchase or pre-order here.

The Bookshop Detective

bookshop detective

When a ghost ship is spotted on the horizon one spring evening, bookseller Eleanor Mace decides to investigate the myths and legends of Combemouth, the Devon seaside town where she runs The Reading Room. As Eleanor digs deeper into the town s history, she becomes intrigued by a Victorian crime report that seems to have unexpected links to the present day. A celebrity book launch, an exploding dress and some salsa-dancing pensioners make this a mystery with a difference.

French Kisses

French Kisses

E-book cover

To the outside world, Rachel Thompson has it made: a wealthy husband, a successful career as an artist, and a to-die-for house in the middle of rural France.

That is until her husband Michael hits 40, discovers his inner love-rat and runs off with the kids’ young, skinny dance teacher.

Determined to ignore her friends’ advice to up-sticks and move back to England with her children, Rachel decides to turn their crumbly stone farmhouse into a bijou hotel.

Although Rachel is getting plenty of attention from local admirers, her husband Michael is never far away…

Will Rachel and Michael rekindle their love affair?

Or will she be sharing French Kisses with someone else…?

French Kisses is a fun romance about starting again and learning what really matters.

A London Affair

A london Affair

E-book cover

Turning her back on university, Kate hopes to find an exciting opportunity that will take her away from wellies and wet sheep in the English countryside to the glitz and glamour of London.

However, after a year selling chutney on a chilly market stall, the prospects for a glittering career in the capital are looking increasingly unlikely.

All that changes when Ned, the intriguing buyer from a smart London deli, brings a welcome chance to follow her dream, and Kate finally embarks on a new chapter, leaving behind rural life and ex-boyfriend, Steve, in exchange for six months in the hectic café scene…

A funny and heart-warming contemporary romance, A London Affair will strike a chord with anyone who has ever daydreamed about choosing an unconventional career path, or who simply enjoys cheese and fine delis…

French kisses

First Editions

Thank you for inviting me onto your blog, Linda, to talk about the book that I would most like to own as a first edition. When I looked on my shelves, I discovered that I already had it: a much-loved 1965 edition of Brer Rabbit’s A Rascal.

Brer portrait

I loved Enid Blyton as a child and devoured her books, which were perfectly designed to fit a child’s hands. I must have read Blyton’s stories a hundred times and, like so many youngsters, dreamt of packing up a picnic and setting sail for a remote island with no adults to tell me it was bedtime. There is a romance to the sea and I always experience a thrill when I stand on a cliff top and look across to a hazy horizon. Those well-thumbed storybooks are certainly where my love of a tall tale began.

When I wrote my first novella – An Unexpected Affair – it seemed natural to have my heroine travel to France to find an old flame because of a book she came across. Eleanor runs a bookshop called The Reading Room and I wanted everything to be as realistic as possible so that readers would be caught up in Eleanor’s adventure and care which of the men who cross her path she ends up with. Because of this, her shop, the seaside town I call Combemouth and the French city Eleanor visits are all based on real places.

After heading to the capital in A London Affair and flirting with France again for French Kisses, I returned to the Devon bookshop for A Summer of Surprises and the brand new paperback. I’m very fond of Eleanor and her eccentric bunch of friends and family – especially mother Connie and her octogenarian squeeze, Harold – so I was delighted to revisit them in The Bookshop Detective, my first attempt at ‘cosy crime’.

In this story, Eleanor finds herself at Combemouth Manor, reluctantly sorting through the books of a grumpy old chap called Joshua who owns a nervous Yorkshire terrier he insists on dressing in pink fun fur. As Eleanor comes to know Joshua, she finds herself embroiled in his family history and a Victorian mystery that has intriguing links to the present day.

Alongside the detecting, there is a celebrity book launch to plan, a summer festival to attend and an ex-wife – the annoyingly chic Freya – to avoid.

And what have I learnt from Brer Rabbit? That however grown-up I may be, I still enjoy losing myself in tales of mischief and adventure. I hope that readers of The Bookshop Detective will join me on that journey.

About Jan Ellis


Jan’s background is in non-fiction publishing and An Unexpected Affair was the first fiction she had written since the age of about seven. Fortunately people enjoyed it, so Jan wrote A Summer of Surprises, which continues the adventures of her bookselling heroine, Eleanor Mace. Now these novellas are available to enjoy in one luscious, paperback volume! Jan is also thrilled to present a brand-new title – The Bookshop Detective – in which Eleanor ends up doing some sleuthing from her quiet corner of rural England.

You can find out more about Jan Ellis by following her on Twitter, and by finding her on Facebook or visiting her website.

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