Researching the Men! A Guest Post by Lorraine Wilson, author of Chalet Girls


I’m really pleased to welcome Lorraine Wilson, author of Chalet Girls to Linda’s Book Bag today to celebrate her latest book. I asked Lorraine who she’d envisaged to be the men in Chalet Girls and she took up the task with surprising alacrity. Although skiing has never interested me in the past, I’m thinking of taking it up now!

Chalet Girls was published by by Harper Impulse on 10th February 2017 and is available for purchase in e-book and paperback here. To help celebrate publication, the author is running a wonderful giveaway that you will find further down this post.

Chalet Girls


What happens when life in Verbier suddenly goes off-piste?

Lucy’s been bowled over by the sexy extreme skier who’s hurtled into her life. But can she accept Seb’s commitment to his adrenaline-filled career?

Trusting any man is out of the question after what’s happened to Beth. So why is she so drawn to twinkly-eyed Dan when he’s leaving at the end of the season?

Sophie’s madly in love with her gorgeous fiancé, Luc. Only instead of gleefully planning the winter wedding of her dreams, all she wants is to run and hide…

Three Chalet Girls are about to strap on their skis and find out!

Researching the Men!

A Guest Post by

Being asked to research hot men for a guest post is always such a chore! But, being dedicated to my craft, ahem, I applied myself to the task to find three men to hit the slopes with who remind me of my three heroes in Chalet Girls.

For Luc I think Gilles Marini is a good match. If you need further convincing just google ‘Giles Marini and swimming pool scene’ and I think you’ll be convinced!


For Dan I’ve chosen William Levy. He looks just like Dan does in my mind – a man you could have a fun day skiing with but beneath the banter there’s a confidence that’s undeniably sexy.


Seb, my extreme skier, is a less conventional hero – he has more experience and is a bit edgier. For him I’ve chosen Olivier Martinez – you get the feeling you’d be in competent hands if he took you off piste…


For Seb I did take real life inspiration from YouTube videos of pro snowboarder Xavier de le Rue. Watching Xavier being dropped by helicopter onto the ridges of perilous alpine mountaintops gave me the initial inspiration for Seb’s character. You can watch one of Xavier’s jaw dropping mountain descents here.




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About Lorraine Wilson


Lorraine lives in Wiltshire with her husband but loves to travel and has lived in four continents. From playing amidst Roman ruins in Africa as a child to riding a Sultan’s racehorse in the Middle East as a teen, Lorraine has many experiences to draw on for the stories she’s been writing ever since she can remember. When she’s not writing you’ll find Lorraine listening to audiobooks while she sews or designs handbags, usually with a rescue terrier or two curled up on her feet.

You can find Lorraine on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and visit her website.

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