Giveaway: Linda’s Book Bag is Two Today


I can’t believe that Linda’s Book Bag is only two today. It feels as if I’ve been blogging for ever!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed blogging over the last two years because I have encountered wonderful books, but even better, fantastic people, be they fellow readers, bloggers, authors or publishers. Some I’ve met in real life and some only virtually but many have become real friends.


In that first month two years ago I had a mere 18 views of my 8 blog posts. Twelve months later in February I published 36 posts and had 3, 401 views. This month I’ve published 13 posts including this one with another 23 scheduled without any other reviews I might fit in. As I write I have had just under 75,000 views so I think the blog might be growing!

To celebrate my second blog birthday with this, my 771st blog post, and to say a huge thanks to all those who support my blog either by following it here, sharing posts on Facebook or tweeting for me, I’m running a mystery giveaway. It’s a mystery because I haven’t entirely decided what the prize is going to be!



To enter the giveaway simply click here. The giveaway is open until UK midnight on Saturday 11th February.

Thank you so much for all your support. I appreciate you all.

Oh – and all those books above are just a fraction of the ones on my reading pile patiently awaiting a review!

84 thoughts on “Giveaway: Linda’s Book Bag is Two Today

  1. From the humble two hundred followers I reached today (another landmark of sorts) and from myself, happy blogiversary two you! I look forward to reading more even if I don’t catch up with everything – you’re impressively prolific!

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  2. Happy Blogaversary! It’s great to see the statistics. I must check mine out. It’s great blogging not just because it’s fun but because of the Friends you make along the way. Congratulations.

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