Spotlight and Giveaway: The Essence by Denise Ersalahi Erguler


I originally began Linda’s Book Bag simply to share my views of the books I read. However, since then the blog has developed and one of the aspects I really enjoy is supporting authors. I haven’t had time to read Denise Ersalahi Erguler’s latest book The Essence, which is her first YA science fiction fantasy book, but really wanted to support Denise given her health battles. Denise has previously featured on Linda’s Book Bag with a great guest post about writing and dyslexia which you can read here.

The Essence was on 30th November 2016 and is available in e-book here, but you have a chance to win an e-copy at the bottom of this blog post.

The Essence


How far would you go for the man of your dreams? To another town, another country or … another planet?

On a perfectly ordinary day in Central London, the perfectly ordinary Fiona falls through a sink hole and wakes up on the Planet Nageena. There, in a parallel world, war is raging between two factions, the Geenans and the Kwades, and both sides believe that Fiona has the secret that will save their world.

All Fiona knows is that she has finally come face to face with the man she has been dreaming of – literally – every night for as long as she can remember … and he doesn’t want to know.

Can Fiona possibly save Nageena? And how far will she be risking not only her dreams but her own life to do it…?

About Denise Ersalahi Erguler

Denise author photo

Denise Ersalahi Erguler moved to North Cyprus 10 years ago from London where she lives with her husband, and two young children. In her past life, Denise was an interior designer concentrating on open office space. Denise is currently battling a rare form of brain cancer, and when she is well enough she helps run the family business, a successful fabric and home furniture store. Denise writes for children and adults, and The Essence is her first adult/young adult Sci-Fi fantasy book.

You can follow Denise on Twitter and catch up with her on Facebook.

For your chance to enter to win an e-copy of The Essence, open internationally until UK midnight on 9th December 2016, click here.

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