Choices and Consequences, a Publication Day Guest Post from Rebecca Bradley


It gives me great pleasure to welcome lovely Rebecca Bradley back to Linda’s Book Bag to celebrate today’s publication of her novella Three Weeks Dead. Three Weeks Dead is the prequel to Rebecca’s DI Hannah Robbins series and is available for purchase in e-book here.

Rebecca has previously visited the blog with a smashing guest post on locations in her writing and you can read that post here.

Three Weeks Dead


How far would you go if someone took your wife?

Especially, if you buried her a week ago.

When Jason Wells is faced with this scenario, he is confronted with the prospect of committing a crime that will have far-reaching consequences.

Can young DC Sally Poynter get through to him before he crosses that line, or does a desperate husband prove to be the case she won’t ever forget?

A prequel novella, set before Shallow Waters, the first in the DI Hannah Robbins series.


Three Choices and their Consequences

 A Guest Post by Rebecca Bradley

First of all, I’d like to thank Linda for her generosity in having me on her blog today. It was a very short notice request when I popped up on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in helping out with a blog tour and Linda was the first one to respond with a yes. So, thank you, Linda.

(My pleasure – lovely to have you back Rebecca.)

Linda suggested that I write a piece in line with the title of the novella that I’m releasing today, Three Weeks Dead. A story of a man who is faced with committing a crime that will have far-reaching consequences. So, here are my three actions that have had consequences.

  1. If I hadn’t dropped out of an Open University degree I was doing in Geosciences, telling myself it was only going to be for a year as I wanted to see if I could write, I might not be here right now. I have never gone back to the degree as I find myself writing every day, doing something I love. If I hadn’t made that difficult decision, I might not have written two full length novels, a novella and be writing my third novel. Yes, I miss the education, but I absolutely love being a writer and I’m thankful every day for it.
  2. If I hadn’t joined Twitter I wouldn’t have met some of the very wonderful people I now consider friends, and I wouldn’t have gone to the festivals I’ve been to. My life wouldn’t be as rich as it is now. There is a lot of negativity around online life, but if you use it well, use it to interact, rather than trying to sell your wares, or to hurt others because you feel you’re safe hiding behind a keyboard, then you can really get a lot out of it.
  3. If I hadn’t read The Famous Five, I wouldn’t have moved on to Nancy Drew and then on to Agatha Christie, my love of crime fiction wouldn’t have grown and flourished. If I’d have picked up different first books I may even have had a different career rather than joining the police, as well as writing in a different genre. Who knows where our choices actually do take us. One simple choice can lead to, who knows where, maybe to your dreams or maybe the road to hell. Choose wisely…

(I love the idea that our early reading may affect us in later life Rebecca!)

About Rebecca Bradley


Rebecca Bradley is a retired police detective who lives in Nottinghamshire with her family and her two cockapoos Alfie and Lola. They always keep her company while she writes. Rebecca needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis.

You can sign up to the newsletter on Rebecca’s blog for exclusive content and giveaways and you can follow her on Twitter. You’ll also find her on Facebook.

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