Sunshine on a Rainy Day by Bryony Fraser


I am very pleased to be part of the launch celebrations for Sunshine on a Rainy Day by Bryony Fraser. Sunshine on a Rainy Day was published by Avon Books on 8th September 2016 and is available for purchase in e-book and paperback from Amazon, directly from the publisher and from all good booksellers.

As well as my review of Sunshine on a Rainy Day, I’m thrilled to be bringing you an extract from early on in the story.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day


It’s Zoe and Jack’s first wedding anniversary party. They’ve got an announcement! They’re getting divorced.

Marriage isn’t for everyone – something that Zoe and Jack discovered only after they’d walked down the aisle. Bad timing, huh?

So now they’re stuck together in their once harmonious marital home, neither one of them willing to move out of their lovely house.

With Zoe’s three sisters always wanting a say, and Jack’s best friend trying his best to fix things between them, misunderstandings arise. Tempers flare. ‘Accidents’ happen…

Zoe and Jack are going to be lucky if they’re still alive when the twelve months are up. But maybe things aren’t quite as final as they seem?

An Extract from Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Two weeks later, Zoe stood waiting outside a workshop at the design college with a tote bag over one arm. After a quarter of an hour, the doors opened and the students streamed out.

‘Hey!’ she called. Half the class looked around. ‘Barman!’

He joined the half of the class who were looking, and smiled. ‘It’s Jack, actually,’ he called back.

She nodded. ‘Jack. Ok. Bit out there, but I can work with it.’

He walked over, stood in front of her. ‘Zoe.’

‘You remembered.’

‘I did.’ He smiled a little more. ‘I remembered where you were at uni, too, and your course, and I was actually going to come and find you there, but I thought how would I actually find you—’

‘There are literally three black students on my whole course.’

‘And I didn’t know if it would be a bit weird, me just pitching up at your lectures—’

‘In front of my whole class? Like this?’

‘Yeah – oh, no, I mean – this is different. It’s charming when you do it. But it’s a bit weird if this barman you just had a one-night stand with turns up, even if he’s brought flowers—’

‘You were going to buy me flowers?’

‘Yeah, of course. I mean, I had such a great time with you. And then you’d bolted, and I didn’t really know how to find you.’

‘Again. Literally three black students on my whole course.’

‘But here you are!’

‘Ruining our romantic reunion.’

Jack laughed. ‘A little bit. And I don’t even have your flowers.’

Zoe opened her tote bag. ‘But I have shoes. Can you fix them, please?’

He took the bag and offered his arm. ‘But first. A drink?’

My Review of Sunshine on a Rainy Day

There is such a good premise to this story; marriage isn’t necessarily the inevitable outcome for two people in love and neither is it a panacea for all life.

I found Sunshine on a Rainy Day an entertaining read as Zoe and Jack deal with the aftermath of their wedding, and not the chick-lit I was expecting. There is far greater depth to it. I thought the passages set in the past and leading up to the wedding were more engaging and humorous than the present day ones and they provide a good antedote to the sadness of a relationship gone wrong in Zoe’s first person accounts.

There are really interesting themes explored in Sunshine on a Rainy Day and I could easily picture how a couple might implode despite being in love with one another. What real love is, comes across incredibly strongly, as do family relationships, fidelity and convention. I think many readers will find a lot to relate to and empathise with, especially if they are themselves under pressure to conform by their families and by society.

I liked the characterisation very much and thought the escalating arguments between Jack and Zoe were realistic and plausible. It was so refreshing to have a non-Caucasian lead character and a lesbian boss as I felt this better represents the society we live in. Zoe isn’t always an easy individual, but she is realistic and human and I think we all know a Zoe (or perhaps have traits just like her ourselves!)

Sunshine on a Rainy Day is entertaining, very well written and I enjoyed the read. It made me think far more than I anticipated.

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