Blog Post 500


I’ve just realised that since my first tentative blog post on February 7th 2015 I’ve had 499 blog posts on Linda’s Book Bag so today to celebrate I’ve decided to run a very small giveaway for post 500.

As you can see from the photo of about a third of my physical To Be Read (TBR) pile above, I have plenty of blog posts still to come. My Kindle is also bursting with books to the extent that I have banned mysef from BookBridgr and NetGalley.

In the last year and a bit I’ve met authors, publishers and bloggers. I’ve been to meet-ups, book launches and parties.

So, I want to thank all those authors who’ve been kind enough perhaps to send me their book, or answer my questions and provide giveaways and guest posts. Without their blood, sweat and tears in writing their wonderful books my life would be a greyer, darker place.

I’d like to thank the publishers who’ve trusted me to write a (mostly) coherent (if not always favourable) review by sending advanced reader copies, giving me books for giveaways and for including me in blog tours so that I have been introduced to books I’d never otherwise have encountered.

And I want to thank especially the wonderful blogging community who have supported me all the way. I’ve met so many bloggers face to face and they are lovely.

In order to spread a little book love of my own, click here to enter to win an Amazon e-voucher for £15 or £15 and buy a book you fancy – maybe one that’s been featured on Linda’s Book Bag. It’s open internationally until 31st July. Good luck!

70 thoughts on “Blog Post 500

  1. Congratulations Linda and it looks like there’s another 500 blog posts in that TBR pile! Love your reviews and I won’t enter the giveaway as I have won the copy of Blood Wedding and I’m happy with that!!! xx

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  2. Well done Linda, from your wonderful reviews I’ve added a fair few books to my wishlist. Was so pleased to have met you and hope to catch up with you again soon, fab blogger and fab supporter x

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  3. annewilliams13 says:

    Many congratulations Linda – a tremendous achievement in such a short time. And I hold you personally responsible for the immense number of books I have on my shelves and kindle… xx

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  4. Congrats on your 500th post, they go so fast don’t they?! I reckon you have many more bookish posts to write though, based on that big tbr pile. (just like my own!). But that’s a bookbloggers life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Happy reading and blogging, and thanks for offering a nice giveaway to celebrate.

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  5. Rae Cowie says:

    Congratulations, Linda. Here’s to many, many more wonderful reviews. Just love your book blog. Thanks for all your hard work. : )

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  6. Congratulations on your 500th post. I only found you recently (when you had Sue Moorcroft as a guest) and look forward to reading more reviews and guest posts. However, I’m taking myself off for a writing week in a caravan by the sea so I won’t be able to comment and share for the next few days – but I’ll be back, hopefully with a chunk of the WIP under my belt.

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