Guest Post by Jo Hollywood author of An Unextraordinary Life

An Unextraordinary Life

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Jo Hollywood onto Linda’s Book Bag today to explain why she is drawn to writing romance and to celebrate her debut novel An Unextraordinary Life which was published in e-book on 27th May 2016 and is available for purchase here. An Unextraordinary Life is a paranormal romance.

An Unextraordinary Life

An Unextraordinary Life

When Tess unexpectedly bumps into Jack one cold day in March, her world is quite literally turned upside down. Can she make a new life for herself with Jack, based on how happy they were in the past? Or does she need to make a new start and find love in the arms of her new work colleague, Rob? The path of true love never does run smoothly.

Meet Tess, a woman who is still in love with her husband, who died five years ago.

Meet Jack, the ghost, who wants to make Tess happy again.

Finally there’s Rob who wants to win Tess’s heart.

Who will she choose?

Why I Am Drawn To Writing Romantic Fiction

A Guest Post by Jo Hollywood

I had never really thought that much about why I decided to start writing romantic fiction. Therefore, when I asked myself the reason why I chose this particular genre, I realised that there were many reasons behind my choice.

Firstly, I just love a happy ever after and stories of true love. I am a hopeless romantic at heart. In a way these type of stories are an antidote to all of the ills in the world, and for me they are a form of pure escapism. As a mum of two young boys, my youngest is autistic, I sometimes like to escape into another world, one that is warm and fuzzy, and this is what I like to portray with my writing.

I initially started to write romantic fiction as I used to write on the subject of autism; as a personal blog and over on the Huffington Post. However, although I still write a weekly blog for the Lancaster Guardian about my autistic son and family life, I knew deep down that I needed to take a step back and to write for myself and for my own pleasure.

When I gained my BA (Hons) in English Literature and Theatre Studies many moons ago, although I didn’t actively pursue a career in writing, I actually became a renal nurse, I always loved to write stories in my spare time. It was only really when I had to give up nursing due to the complexities of raising a child with autism, that I once again found time to write what I truly love. The obvious choice was romantic fiction, and so I set up a Wattpad account, took a deep breath and stared to write. It was the best decision I ever made in regards to my gaining confidence and advice from other wirers.

Another huge reason of why I love to write romantic fiction is that as the old saying goes, you write what you know. You write about experiences that have happened in your own life and draw inspiration from them. I suppose that it is only inevitable that elements from you own personal life are transported in some way into fiction. They sow those initial seeds into your story. I have been very fortunate in my life, as I met my now husband at the age of fifteen, we were in the same year at school, and have been together ever since. So, twenty-six years this summer. I really don’t know how he puts up with me. I suppose that subconsciously, my relationship with him has shaped my writing in some ways.

At the end of the day I simply love creating romantic fictional characters that make me smile and whom I fall in love with.  I want to be their friends and I hope that whoever reads my books feels the same way. I hate to admit it, but I am a serial eternal optimist who believes in love at first sight and that we all have our very own soul mate out there, we just need to find them. At times we live in a cruel world and I just want my readers to feel happy. We all deserve a little happiness and to escape from the world.

About Jo Hollywood


To find out all about Jo, visit her website and follow her on Twitter.

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