Love, or Nearest Offer by Adele Geras

Love or nearest offer

My grateful thanks to Alainna Hadjigeorgiou at Quercus Books for a copy of Love, or Nearest Offer by Adele Geras in return for an honest review. Love, or Nearest Offer was published by Quercus in hardback on 2nd June 2016 and is available for purchase on Amazon, from W H Smith, Waterstones, the publisher and all good bookshops.

Love, or Nearest Offer

Love or nearest offer

On paper, Iris Atkins is an estate agent, but she’s not just good at finding suitable houses for her clients. In fact, she has a gift: Iris is able to see into their lives and understand exactly what is missing and what they need – and not just in bricks-and-mortar terms either.

Of course, concentrating so much on fixing other people’s problems doesn’t leave much time for examining your own. Over the course of one whirlwind year Iris discovers that while she may know what’s best for everyone else, she doesn’t necessarily know what’s best for herself – and what she finds out could make her happier than she’d ever dreamed of.

My Review of Love, or Nearest Offer

Iris is leaving her cheating boyfriend to concentrate on finding the right house for the right client through her estate agent job. However, looking after other people’s interests doesn’t mean she can best look after her own.

I haven’t read anything by Adele Geras before even though she is a prolific author but reading Love, or Nearest Offer felt as if I’d been reading her all my life. Her style felt familiar and comforting. Frequently I found myself nodding in agreement as she described family dynamics and characters. I wondered if we might be related!

There’s quite a few characters and initially I found this quite disjointed until the glue that is Iris began to pull all the threads together and they had all been introduced fully. Once they had I found I cared about them and wanted their outcomes to be successful. It is Iris who is most vividly depicted and successful for me.

The plot has been carefully constructed so that there is a satisfying conclusion to all the stories presented and those who’ve been through the death of a partner or have moved house will find so many echoes of their own lives.

Love, or Nearest Offer is an easy summer read that will have you wanting to look through people’s windows and go house hunting. Adele Geras uses description so effectively that it is easy to picture her settings in in the mind’s eye. I especially liked the portrayal of Aiden’s house.

I found Love, or Nearest Offer a well written and entertaining story that would be smashing to read on holiday.

About Adele Geras


Adèle Geras is the author of many acclaimed stories for children as well as five adult novels, including: Facing the LightHester’s StoryMade in Heaven and A Hidden Life (all available in ebook from Quercus), Cover Your Eyes (available in print from Quercus) and Out of the Dark, a special short story for the literary charity Quick Reads. Adèle lives near Cambridge and is the mother of the thriller writer Sophie Hannah.

You can follow Adele Geras on Twitter or visit her website.

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