Alchemy by Jade Kennedy


Alchemy is a collection of short pieces of prose – or flash fiction – interspersed with poetry, by Jade Kennedy. Alchemy is available to purchase as an e-book on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

I was asked by Jade Kennedy if I would like to read and review her collection of flash fiction and poetry many months ago, but with a huge pile of books waiting to be read it has taken me some time to get to it. However, it was worth the wait.

Initially I wasn’t sure if I’d like such short pieces of fiction and I felt the opening piece A Collection wasn’t as strong as many of the other pieces, but soon I grew accustomed to the rhythm of them, and found myself drawn into an ethereal world of half seen images, ghostliness and other-worldliness.

Jade Kennedy writes like a painter, using skilful similes and metaphors that bring alive her descriptions, particularly those of the natural world. There are mists and fogs, stars and sands, waves and waterfalls that link closely and evocatively with the emotions of the narrative voice.

However, the real strength for me in Jade Kennedy’s writing is her poetry. I’m not sure whether it was the formatting of the e-book I had, but many of the lines were fragmented and disjointed, suiting perfectly the content of the poems. There’s a kind of mysticism and longing in her lines that I found frequently very moving. Reading the poetry evoked feelings of longing and sadness, but also optimism and hope. One line from The Lies I Told My Mother I thought summed up the quality of Jade Kennedy’s writing so well. She says ‘Leave that which scars the spirit to fade beneath the dust.’ I think those are wise words for us all.

It’s a huge shame that this kind of writing is so underrated as talents like Jade Kennedy’s are in danger of being lost in the face of the huge publishing houses and big name authors. I think she deserves recognition and praise for her writing as she really has ‘fingers tinted in poetry’.

You’ll find Jade on GoodreadsGoogle+ and on her blog. You can also follow Jade on Twitter.

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