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Having previously read Ben Adams’ debut novel ‘Six Months to Get a Life’ (my review of which you can read here) and having interviewed Ben here I am delighted to be supporting his latest release ‘Six Lies’ with Brook Cottage Books. You have the opportunity to win your own ebook copy of ‘Six Lies’ at the bottom of this blog post.

Six Lies

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Genre: Humour, Romance

Release Date: 23/11/15

Publisher:  SilverWood Books

How would you feel if, one day, you discover that everything you thought you knew about your family was a fabrication? Your mother wasn’t your mother, your father was a liar and your whole upbringing was a sham.

Confronted with this exact situation, Dave Fazackerley doesn’t feel great. It doesn’t help that he has just buried the woman he thought of as his mother. Or that his wife, his one true soulmate, recently jumped into bed with a librarian. Even his band, his only escape from reality, is going through a rough patch.

How will Dave respond? Will he discover the truth about his family? Will his band ever play a gig again? More importantly, can Dave entice his wife back from the arms of the book-dork or will he take a chance on a new love?


My Review

When bank teller, and part time musician, Dave Fazackerley’s mum dies, the last thing he expects is a letter telling him she wasn’t his birth mother. So begins a series of events that uncover more lies and affect Dave’s whole future.

I really enjoyed ‘Six Lies’. The first person approach is really conversational so it is like listening to a witty friend rather than reading a book, even when the voice changes to another character. The technique works well as it provides different perspectives that engage the reader. I loved getting the male viewpoint in a book that fits the romance genre.

I find Ben Adams’ writing effortless to read. It flows well so that the story feels organic and natural. Not all authors are able to do this! The plot races along and there are several twists that made me exclaim out loud. Well resolved too, I found ‘Six Lies’ thoroughly entertaining so that those who like a book that transports them out of their own lives for a while will not be disappointed.

The thread of music running through is great and I loved the references that took me back to my youth.

Whilst ‘Six Lies’ is an easy and entertaining read full of both humour and romance, meaningful themes underlie the narrative and make the reader think about how they might react in similar circumstances. I think it takes considerable skill to be able to present these issues so integrally and naturally, as Ben Adams does. I can’t really explain what they are without giving away the plot and spoiling the read, but believe me, they work! This book stands its ground exceptionally well in the world of contemporary fiction.

‘Six Lies’ by Ben Adams has just confirmed what I already thought about this author – he’s one to watch and read.

About Ben Adams

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Like a lot of people, Ben went to school, then college and eventually grew up and got a responsible job, a house and a family. And then his mid-life crisis kicked in.

Realising that life was in danger of becoming all too serious, Ben started writing. Not in the way that Forrest Gump started running, but at least he started. He wrote on steamed up mirrors in the bathroom to make his children smile. Eventually he graduated to making up stories to entertain his kids at bedtime.

For some reason, his boys didn’t seem interested in his tales of every-day life, relationships, family, trauma, farce and the occasional bit of debauchery. They preferred JK someone or other.

Following his short-lived career as a children’s author, Ben now concentrates on writing stories for grown-ups. He writes for people who have lived, loved, worked, strived and suffered – people like him. People like you.

Ben lives in southwest London with his two boys and Albus, his dog.






Twitter: @benadamsauthor




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