Another Love by Amanda Prowse

Another love

I’ve always loved everything I’ve ever read by Amanda Prowse and couldn’t believe it when I realised I hadn’t read anything by her since I began Linda’s Book Bag almost a year ago. It’s beyond time to put that right so I am delighted to be reviewing her latest book, ‘Another Love’ which is published by Head of Zeus in Kindle on 16th January 2016. It will also be out in hardback and paperback and is available here.

Romilly has everything. Glorious red hair, a husband, David, who adores her, a fabulous scientific brain, a good job, a lovely home and a perfect child in Celeste. She also has a drink problem – a problem that is about to alter her life forever.

I approached reading ‘Another Love’ with some trepidation as there’s always a slight fear that a much loved author will not meet expectations. However, in common with all Amanda Prowse’s writing, I was hooked from the very first word and by the end I was a sobbing wreck. ‘Another Love’ is perfect reading. Written from two viewpoints; the first person account from Celeste and the third person narrative about Romilly and David there is a balance to the plot that satisfies the reader completely. The writing is never sugary or judgemental. It presents life – real life.

In essence, the subject matter is pretty stark and Amanda Prowse does not shy away from the grim reality of what an alcohol dependent person will do when consumed by the disease of alcoholism. Romilly behaves in ways no well person can contemplate but those who have encountered a friend or relative with similar problems will know that the depiction of Romilly’s fall from grace is terrifyingly accurate.

What Amanda Prowse seems to do so effortlessly though, is to ensure the reader’s empathy and engage their emotions so completely that they are not merely reading a story, but are living Romilly’s life with her – I’d even go so far as to say, as her.

So compelling is the story telling that I put my life on hold to read this book and absolutely consumed it in two sittings. It’s the skill of portraying humanity so realistically that makes it impossible not to want to find out what happens next to the characters who instantly feel like family. I thought about them the whole time I wasn’t reading and couldn’t wait to return to the book.

If you want to read a book that is emotional, gorgeously written and that will stay in your mind for a very long time, ‘Another Love’ is exactly what you’re looking for.

Amanda Prowse

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