Christmas Evie by Nicola May

Christmas Evie

I am very grateful to the author Nicola May for my copy of ‘Christmas Evie’ in return for an honest review. ‘Christmas Evie’ was published by Accent Press and is available on Amazon UKAmazon US and directly from the publishers.

Just two days before Christmas, Evie Harris is dumped by her boyfriend and realises that without him she’ll soon be homeless too. Her toy-boy loving best friend Bea encourages Evie to accept the stranger Greg’s invitation to work in a shelter for the homeless on Christmas Day where she meets the enigmatic Yves. Evie’s life is about to change.

Initially I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this novella. I found Bea a little too coarse and brash but as I read I found she was the perfect foil to others so that the story didn’t become too saccharine.

There is a true message of Christmas in this story – we don’t need material possessions to be happy and we can let go of the past and the things that hurt us and take control over our lives by facing our fears and accepting what we have whilst striving to be better. That all sounds rather worthy, but Nicola May has managed to encompass these elements into a warm and entertaining read. If readers find themselves reflecting on their own lives having read ‘Christmas Evie’ I wouldn’t be surprised.

I liked the little twist at the end of the story and felt the length suited the themes well. There was a good balance of scenes with Bea and I really liked the quotations Yves provides to Evie as well as the historical and geographical details of the places he and Evie meet because they add depth to the narrative.

Anyone looking for a quick, heartwarming and entertaining read is sure to enjoy Nicola May’s ‘Christmas Evie’. It’s just right for a pre-Christmas afternoon read.This is the first of Nicola May’s books I’ve read but it certainly won’t be the last!

You can follow Nicola May on Twitter and via her web site

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