Badric’s Island by Amanda Nicol

Badrics island

I am delighted to introduce a rereleased novel by Amanda Nicol, ‘Badric’s Island’, published today, 8th December 2015, by Clink Street. It is available from all good bookshops, online and from Amazon

Badric’s Island

It’s sex in another city when a down on her luck actress in London fancies a new career as a writer in this quirky, chucklesome and relatable novel about a modern woman and her eclectic circle of trusty (and sometimes furry) sidekicks.

“A broken heart is preferable to a broken head.” 

Once a cast member on the hit television show Chefs’ Wives, Rachel Jameson now has the means to live in a home in the swanky Battersea Park area in London where she constantly dreams about one day writing a novel or a comedy script – if only she can actually start writing. With her two best friends, Carla, a single mother – who moonlights as the drummer in a band – and Mica, Carla’s keyboard player by her side, Rachel faces all the trials and tribulations of every woman in an especially humorous and touching fashion with Amanda Nicol’s ever-relatable novel ‘Badric’s Island’.

Just as Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones captured the hearts of women who felt like the classical characters were themselves and their close friends, readers will follow Rachel through her personal and professional adventures and root for the frazzled thirty-something to find her happy ending.

Here’s a teaser from the book!


Rule No. 1: Wanting what you don’t have, chasing it till you’ve got it and then finding out that you didn’t want it after all. In fact you still want what you don’t have, i.e., the thing that you once had when you wanted the other.

Rule No. 2: Work comes when you could do without it.

Rule No. 3: You will be absolutely knackered on all the most important days of your life.

Rule No. 4: However sorted you think you might be, when it comes to this particular issue, you’re lost.

Rule No. 5: When solitude is craved, company will call, and vice-versa.

Rule No. 6: Dreams are dreams and reality is reality and never the twain shall meet.

Rule No. 7: Things that are for the best always feel like utter shite.

Rule No. 8: Feeling any degree of smugness is just asking for trouble.

Rule No. 9: There’s always a perfect time for making matters worse.

Rule No. 10: A broken heart is preferable to a broken head.

About Amanda Nicol:

Amanda Nicol age 22 Houseboat

Living with her husband in Hastings, East Sussex, Amanda Nicol spent 20 years restoring Old Master paintings and is now a full time writer and painter. She is currently working on a memoir of her journey of healing from both mental illness and, more recently, cancer and its treatment both in the UK and in Mexico. Her other titles include ‘Dead Pets Society’ and ‘House of Bread’ (Clink Street Publishing December 2015). Badric’s Island by Amanda Nicol was originally published in 2013 and will be re-released 8th December by Clink Street Publishing (RRP £8.99 paperback, RRP £4.99 ebook).

For more information about Amanda, please visit her web site.

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