Hold On To Me by O N Brown

Hold on to me

‘Hold On To Me’ by O N Brown was published by CreateSpace on July 14th 2015. It is available in both ebook and paperback on Amazon UK and Amazon US. I received a copy from the author in return for an honest review.

When Henry Davidson is arrested for a series of abductions and murders, it seems the police in New York have their man. However, appearances are not always what they seem.

I found ‘Hold On To Me’ a somewhat mixed book. Parts were excellent and highly atmospheric, with a real feel of the setting of New York and other moments felt disjointed as if they had been written as an after thought. I think it may have suffered in my reading coming immediately after the best crime thriller I have read so that the comparison wasn’t helpful. The plot is interesting, but I have to be honest and say at times I found it tricky to follow as some of the sentence construction was awkward. With the spacing between each paragraph it felt more as if ‘Hold On To Me’ was a screen play than a novel.

There is no doubt that O N Brown has an excellent understanding of the criminal mind and the elements of psychology are strong. There are some very feisty women too, especially Special Agent Amber Winterlynn, but none of them really gained my empathy entirely.

An underlying sensuality, sexuality and often a kind of black humour added to the depth of the book and I wonder if it would appeal more to those who like American crime programmes than it did to me.


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