Merry Mistletoe by Emma Davies

Merry Mistletoe

I was delighted to be offered the chance to read ‘Merry Mistletoe’ by the author, Emma Davies, via Netgalley. I have seen so many positive comments about Emma’s writing since I started blogging but hadn’t got round to reading any of her work so I was intrigued as to what style I might find.

Freya’s four year relationship with Gareth is breaking down and her life long home is under threat as she can no longer afford to live there following the death of her father, so the only person she can rely on is the enigmatic and itinerant Amos. When neighbours put in a bid to buy her home, Freya’s past is about to catch up with her and her heart is in danger of being broken again.

I really enjoyed this novella. Emma Davies’ writing style is easy and fluent so that the story develops beautifully and is easy to read. She captures a scene very effectively, using the senses evocatively to create a truly Christmassy atmosphere.

Whilst this is a traditional feel good Christmas story, there is also an underlying mystery that is only gradually revealed, adding even more layers of enjoyment. I also liked the way plot devices worked naturally without the awkward contrivance of some women’s fiction so that every action was believable. As the story progressed I really wanted Freya to have a happy ever after ending.

‘Merry Mistletoe’ is a super story to get readers in the mood for a romantic Christmas and I heartily recommend it.

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