The Morning After Memoirs by Kate Michaels

morning after memoirs

I am grateful to Laura Stevens at Ago Publishing for providing a copy of ‘the Morning After Memoirs’ by Kate Michaels in return for an honest review. It was published on 14th July 2015.

When Jess wakes up on New Year’s Day not knowing quite where she is and lying next to a man she realises is Not-Ben, her world is about to implode. Her boyfriend Ben leaves her, her friends can’t fix her and her parents don’t seem to care, although they do offer a studio in their garage as a place to live. It’s up to 29 year old Jess to get her own life back in order. The trouble is, Jess is her own worst enemy and as she approaches her 30th birthday, finding an appropriate man seems ever more impossible.

‘The Morning After Memoirs’ is a quick, fun and enjoyable read. It will appeal to those who enjoy a sassy protagonist who tries (usually unsuccessfully) to find a sexual partner. It reminded me of the original Bridget Jones book in lots of ways.

I found the pace fast and the writing witty and entertaining, but after a while it became rather repetitive. There was an established cycle of Jess getting drunk, trying to find someone to have sex with and then realising that they were not the right man after all so that I found myself wanting more variety in the action and more development of character.

It might be the formatting of an e-book, or for effect in injecting pace, but I prefer direct speech set out with new lines for new speakers so that it is easier to follow conversations, rather than in continuous prose within paragraphs.

I did enjoy the read as it is fun and entertaining, but think ‘The Morning After Memoirs’ would be better suited for those who love reality television programmes like TOWIE and who perhaps are a younger demographic than me!

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