Roof Top Book Club


It was lovely to be able to attend the first ever Roof Top Book Club (@RoofTopBookclub) on Wednesday 19th August with support from Team Bookends (@TeamBookends) and James Villa Holidays (@jamesvillasuk).

Many of the hard working publicists were there making sure we all had a really good evening. The audience comprised fans, other authors (like @LaurieEllingham) and bloggers so there was plenty of talk about books!



The stars of the show were three wonderful authors Tasmina Perry, Stella Newman and Jo Thomas who entertained us with some very revealing stories concerning food, mime artists and three legged cats.


We heard about their writing routines, their holiday packing tips, which of their characters they might like to murder and what we can see coming up in the future. They graciously chatted to us all individually too, signing books for us.

DSC_0969 DSC_0970 DSC_0978

Their latest books are brilliant:

Last kiss goodbyeThe proposal

The dish

The Olive Branch

With nibbles, goody bags and cocktails it was a perfect evening.

Meet Jo Thomas on Facebook

Follow Stella Newman’s blog

See Tasmina’s website

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