Anything For Her by Jack Jordan

Anything for Her

I was delighted to be offered a copy of ‘Anything For Her’ by the author, via Book Connectors on Facebook, in return for an honest review .

The Leighton family is in melt down. After ‘that night’ which is at the core of this book, Louise and her daughter Brooke have a secret they cannot share with anyone. Michael Leighton has problems of his own as his shady behaviour is rapidly catching up with him and when Louise discovers he’s been having an affair they think this is the end of their world. They’re wrong, there is much worse to come.

Firstly, let me say that this novel isn’t quite perfect – but it comes close. It is an absolutely brilliant first novel by a young writer who deserves to be a writing star.

From the attention grabbing opening ‘Louise has never wanted her husband to die. Until now.’ to the very end, this is a fast paced, twisting and exciting story. In fact I had something else I was supposed to be reviewing next, read the first page of ‘Anything For Her’ and had to continue because Jack Jordan’s writng was so good. Each short chapter adds to that feeling of speed and breathlessness with super hooks at the end of every one so that it is impossible not to want to read on.

The characters are well defined, humanly flawed and make the reader care about them so that the plot shocks and surprises throughout as they find themselves at the centre of a taut thriller. Descriptions make use of all the senses creating genuine scene painting. I could easily see this book as a film or television series.

The whole narrative is cleverly constructed so that what actually happened ‘that night’ between Louise and Brooke is gradually revealed as their own danger increases. Jack Jordan builds their fear so skilfully that I was desperate to know what happened next and truly shocked in places.

‘Anything For Her’ is a stunning debut novel – a fabulous book. I can’t recommend it highly enough and am desperate to read more from this writer.

You can find out more about Jack Jordan here:


Twitter: @_JackJordan_

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