The Amazing Adventures of a Marginally Successful Musician by Bill Cinque

 Bill Cinque

When I was asked by a man who has toured the world playing over 4000 gigs and touring with Neil Diamond in 2015, if I wanted to read his book in return for an honest review I was sceptical. It would be a boring monologue of ‘I’m a famous musician and this is why I’m so great’. But Bill Cinque sent me a sample and I was hooked. Nothing could be further from the truth (although if I were his wife, I wouldn’t let him listen to music in the car!).

‘The Amazing Adventures of a Marginally Successful Musician’ shows that Bill Cinque is an entertainer in more ways than one. This is a really funny and interesting read. Indeed, Bill is often quite self deprecating which makes reading his book even more endearing. His story is based on his life as a musician because he ‘figured no one was interested in a book called ‘Why Jennifer Anniston Won’t Return My calls’ and he thought he should write what he knows.

It’s easy to dip in and out of this book as the chapters are succinct and full of what is, albeit often tongue in cheek in presentation, very good advice for aspiring musicians. Most chapters have a pithy final ‘BOTTOM LINE’ in which Bill might reinforce (or totally undermine) what he’s just said. I found myself laughing aloud frequently. A flavour of what you might expect is a comment he makes about Brian the banjo player; ‘Now we can’t afford to get rid of him. I’m taking my cue from Brian. I hope my belly dancing is as readily accepted as his banjo playing..’ There are absorbing autobiographical elements too that give a real insight into Bill’s personality. Reading ‘The Amazing Adventures of a Marginally Successful Musician’ has made me wish I had Bill Cinque as a friend.

Bill photo

Bill covers every element of what is needed to succeed in the music business from the different instruments to singers, flyers, producers, and ‘Ten Reasons Your Girlfriend Shouldn’t Come to the Gig’ and I think anyone who’s ever dreamed of being rich and famous could learn from Bill’s sagacity – as could thousands of teenagers practising and sending their parents mad in garages all over the world.

Whilst the majority of the book is genuinely funny and entertaining, a couple of chapters also have a more serious tone, particularly those dealing with alcohol or when Bill is describing his own emotions and feelings after gigs.

I’m not a lover of autobiographical writing, and I’m not especially interested in the music business, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I didn’t read it all in one go and think I enjoyed it more by reading a few chapters at a time.

If you want to know more about Bill, be warned, you might never be the same again if you visit his web site, but as he says at the end of ‘The Amazing Adventures of a Marginally Successful Musician’ , ‘Feel free to contact me…’

You can download a free sample of the book here

The book can be bought here (and in other outlets)

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