Bride Without A Groom by Amy Lynch

Bride without a groom‘Bride Without A Groom’ is available now as an eBook and in paperback from 16th July. I am very grateful to Amy Lynch for providing me with a review copy.

Rebecca Browne has pretty much everything organised for her wedding to Barry. She’s chosen the dress, booked the honeymoon and knows exactly how the day will go. Unfortunately, Barry hasn’t proposed yet and doesn’t look as if he will any time soon.

‘Bride Without A Groom’ is a highly entertaining summer read. Amy Lynch manages to capture the irritating Rebecca perfectly so that the reader becomes as frustrated with her as does Barry. Self centred, immature and spoilt, Rebecca needs to grow up and realise others have feelings and opinions too. She does, however, have redeeming features and the way in which Amy Lynch has created almost a dialogue with the reader so that Rebecca speaks to them directly, enables them to forgive her maddening behaviour and to sypathise with her when life doesn’t treat her as she wants. I found I shared many of her opinions – especially those regarding other people’s children – and she certainly made me smile.

There are comic moments throughout and although I thought a couple of scenes could have been omitted, I really enjoyed this book. The supporting characters like Rebecca’s boss and her Mum are well developed and convincing.

I liked the way in which the madness of Rebecca’s first person narrative was tempered by Barry’s third person accounts so that there is light and shade in the story.

I think ‘Bride Without a Groom’ will appeal to anyone wanting a happy summer read that will entertain them thoroughly.

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