Kadian Journal by Thomas Harding


I received a copy of ‘Kadian Journal’ from Windmill Books on Twitter #KadianKindness.

‘Kadian Journal’ is a book written in memory of Kadian Harding who was tragically killed in a road accident when riding his beloved bike. His father Thomas’s grief was understandably so all consuming that this journal became a way of dealing with it in a small way.

This is a short text and I thought I’d easily read it in two or three hours. It has taken me almost two full days because the depth of emotion portrayed by Thomas Harding, as he suffers Post Traumatic Shock Disorder having been present as his son died, is so overwhelming I found I needed frequent breaks to deal with my own feelings.

Structured with real time events and memories of family life focusing on when Kadian was alive, ‘Kadian Journal’ is brutally honest in portraying the rawness of grief that takes over a parent’s life when a child is killed. That is not to say that it is morbid or self-indulgent. I found the writing gave me a real insight into the vibrancy of Kadian’s character so that I felt a vicarious knowledge of a boy I would have liked to have known.

The book gives us a very firm lesson in making the most of life and recording our happy memories. ‘Kadian Journal’ is a moving and wonderful read for anyone but would be so supportive to those who are suffering their own grief.

You can find out more about Kadian and the memorial projects set up in his name here: http://www.kadianharding.com/

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