The Last Honey Trap by Louise Lee

Last honeytrap

I’m delighted to be sharing some quotations from ‘The Last Honey Trap’ by Louise Lee.

Florence Love is a beautiful, sassy private eye who can give as good as she gets!

Check out Florence Love’s Top 5 One Liners from ‘The Last HoneyTrap’.

1. Subservience is as erotic as tinnitus.

2. Happiness is a crock of shit, a biochemical figment of the imagination

3. Nobody should be duped into living a lie, whatever that lie may be

4. Body language is subliminal and extremely hard to fake unless you’re a Royal marine or a psychopath.

5. When you feel really bad never speak – it’s a selfish biological mechanism undertaken to appease your own guilt.

And, if you haven’t worked out how Florence Love operates yet – a cheeky extra one (from book 2):

Never puke on an assassin’s gun, it irritates them no end.

You can see my review of ‘The Last Honey Trap’ in my June archives too. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

You might like to see what else Louise Lee has revealed about Florence Love on the other bloggers’ sites.

Louise Lee

‘The Last Honeytrap’ is published by Headline and is available from all good bookshops

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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