Curious Animal

A little while ago via twitter @curious_animal I discovered a fantastic Facebook page where I entered a competition to win a book as part of their birthday celebrations.

I hadn’t discovered Curious Animal before, but it is a website devoted to photography, adventure, travel (cycling, hiking…), music, books and big issues from around the world. There are images, reviews, interviews and articles with something for everyone with an interest in life.

I was delighted when I heard I had won a prize in their birthday give away. Today, my amazing prize arrived.

It is the most gorgeous hardbacked wildlife photography book ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’ by David Gulden.

the centre

As Susan Minot tells us in the Foreword, David Gulden has spent more than ten years getting this book right and it is indeed perfection. From a baby chameleon no bigger than a finger tip to a charging rhino, each photograph illustrates nature in all its glory. There is no flinching either from the reality of nature in tooth and claw.

Dedicated to David Gulden’s father and in memory of Bobby Model, ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’ is a stunning book and a fantastic prize. I can’t thank Curious Animal enough for bringing this book into our lives. All we need to do now is try to emulate David Gulden’s photographs on our next wildlife trip.

The Centre Cannot Hold is available here:

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