The Last Honeytrap by Louise Lee

Last honeytrap

My grateful thanks to Bookbridgr, and Frances Gough at Headline for providing a review copy of ‘The Last Honeytrap.’

Private Investigator Florence Love is the debut creation of Louise Lee in the first of a series of books and is published on 4th June 2015.

Florence is witty, attractive and devious and spends her time trapping unfaithful men in compromising situations for their suspicious partners. She works alongside her brother Michael who is somewhere on the autistic spectrum. The two of them contrive to obtain video and photographic evidence of their targets. Florence has one golden entrapment rule; ‘one kiss, with tongues, five seconds’ and no more. However, when she is asked by Alice to ensnare the gorgeous Scot ‘Scat’ Delaney, Florence finds she gets more than she bargained for – including some surprises about her own past.

Initially I did not enjoy this book. I thought Florence was acerbic rather than sassy and I didn’t warm to her. However, the more I read, the more intrigued I became – and I actually realised I was rather jealous of Florence. I realised that waspish attitude was part of the act. The more I read, the more I came to love this book and to understand what a talented writer Louise Lee is.

There is a great plot that twists and turns so that the reader is jolted by revelations along the way. The characters are brilliant. Michael may need Florence to look after him, but she certainly needs him too. There are some real villains here, but we don’t always know who the villain is!

The writing is creative, very intelligent and incredibly well researched. I found there were so many small details dropped in to the text I wanted to follow them up (and I now know about Ayurveda!). Florence educates as well as entertains.

It’s difficult not to reveal the plot, so all I’ll say is that my initial reaction to the first 20 pages was entirely MY mistake. ‘The Last Honeytrap’ is a hugely entertaining read and I shall definitely be buying the next in the series – ‘The Last Bigamist’.

4 thoughts on “The Last Honeytrap by Louise Lee

  1. (It’s sharp, bitter, vicious lol) Yep, apparently it’s the first in the series and there is an extract of the start of the next in the book but I didn’t read that as I don’t want to spoil it when I get the whole book. I really changed my opinion as I read.


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