The Way Back Home by Freya North

The way back home

I originally posted this review on who kindly provided a review copy of ‘The Way Back Home’. It’s out now!

The story of finding what home really means – people, places, emotions and memory. ‘The Way Back Home’ follows the return of Oriana Taylor from San Francisco to the huge Windward House and all the intricate feelings and memories involving the characters who once lived there.

Having read several of Freya North’s books, initially this one felt more challenging and somehow spiky. However, within a few pages, North’s ability to define character so fully that the reader can picture, believe in and have an emotional reaction to each one, means that this is a totally absorbing read. Both male and female characters are strongly represented so that the writing would appeal to both sexes.

Throughout the text there is a gradual revealing of the past providing a real sense of mystery with a perfect balance of the third person present tense and italicised first person past tense which also helps to build the character of Oriana even further.

I also loved the sense of place and what ‘home’ actually means which is so skilfully achieved.

‘The Way Back Home’ would appeal to lovers of literary modern fiction who want to finish a book with a real sense of satisfaction (and maybe even a few tears).

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