The Secret of Us by Liesel Schmidt

The Secret of Us

I was delighted to be offered the chance by Liesel Schmidt to read and review ‘The Secret of Us’.

When Eira’s fiance Matt tells her he thinks their engagement is wrong and leaves her stranded in a restaurant with just the word ‘Sorry’ scrawled on a napkin, she feels as if her heart is broken. Flame haired Eira moves state to try to begin a new life, little realising that her life will change for ever and her past is never very far behind.

As I started reading, I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this book as there were a few too many adjectives in the descriptions for my taste. However, the plot is very good, twisting and turning along the way so that, although the reader hopes for a happy ending, there’s no guarantee there will be one.  Such clever plotting hooks the reader and I enjoyed ‘The Secret of Us’ after all. It’s a real roller coaster of a read.

Eira is a strong and likeable character. As one shock after another hits her, she adapts in a very realistic and humane way so that the reader feels her emotions with her and grows to admire her more and more.

There is real emotion conveyed throughout this book and reading ‘The Secret of Us’ put me in mind of some of the Nora Roberts books I’ve read and enjoyed. I think ‘The Secret of Us’ would definitely appeal to all readers of romance.

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