The Heat of Betrayal by Douglas Kennedy

My great thanks to for providing this review copy. ‘The Heat of Betrayal’ is out on 23rd April.

I’m a real lover of Douglas Kennedy’s writing so it was with excitement and not a little trepidation that I began ‘The Heat of Betrayal’. I was anxious that I might be disappointed as my expectations were high. I need not have worried. From the opening two sentences, ‘First light. And I didn’t know where I was any more.’ I was completely drawn in to the story of Robin and her feckless husband Paul as they live out their personal drama in a trip to Morocco. The betrayal of the title is explored on so many levels, not least our own betrayal of ourselves, so that there is something for all readers to relate to. Other themes to make the reader think include the nature of corruption, love, revenge, culture and death, making us stop in our tracks as personal truths resonate in the reading.

Douglas Kennedy excels at writing from the first person perspective of women and Robin’s voice is clear and strong so that the reader empathises with her from the start.

The writing is so eloquent, with natural dialogue and a pace that grabs the reader and pulls them along relentlessly. I found the twists and turns highly engaging and exciting. The ending is realistic and satisfying whilst leaving questions for the reader to ponder about the truth of their own lives.

A great joy in reading ‘The Heat of Betrayal’ is the exquisite description of Morocco. Anyone living there or who has travelled in Morocco will instantly recognise the scenes Kennedy describes.

Readers of strong contemporary fiction and thrillers will love it as much as I did.

Heat of Betrayal

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