Guilt trip

Anyone else out there feel guilty if they don’t finish a book? I’ve had a reading hiatus for almost a week where the book I was supposed to be reading for my reading group stared accusingly at me and made me feel so guilty that I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t finish it that I couldn’t read anything else either. Sinclair Mc Kay’s book ‘The Secret Listeners’ evoked a very wide range of responses this month at my reading group. The follow up to ‘The Secret Life of Bletchley Park’ this text told the story of those young men and women stationed around the world who listened to enemy messages and decoded them around the clock, providing invaluable information that helped to win the Second World War. We all agreed that we learnt a great deal about the times and we were filled with admiration for those whose story was told. A couple in the group loved the book. Rather more of us found the disjointed writing style, small print and occasionally patronising tone somewhat off putting and many of us didn’t finish it. It did, however, lead to a very varied discussion with topics covering eras BC to the present day.

New reading group book is ‘Gods and Beasts’ by Denise Mina and I’m already gripped.

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