A Wedding at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry

The Wedding at the Beach Hut Cover

My goodness, the world has changed since I caught up with Veronica Henry last October at an Orion event that you can read about here. I’ve long loved Veronica Henry’s writing but since I began blogging I haven’t read enough of her work so I’m delighted to help begin the launch celebrations for her latest book, A Wedding at the Beach Hut. My thanks to Anne at Random Things Tours for inviting me to participate.

You will find my review of Veronica’s A Night on the Orient Express here.

Published by Orion on 28th May 2020, A Wedding at the Beach Hut is available for pre-order here.

A Wedding at the Beach Hut

The Wedding at the Beach Hut Cover

Escape to Everdene Sands, where the sun is shining – but is the tide about to turn?

Robyn and Jake are planning their dream wedding at the family beach hut in Devon. A picnic by the turquoise waves, endless sparkling rosé and dancing barefoot on the golden sand . . .

But Robyn is more unsettled than excited. She can’t stop thinking about the box she was given on her eighteenth birthday, and the secrets it contains. Will opening it reveal the truth about her history – and break the hearts of the people she loves most?

As the big day arrives, can everyone let go of the past and step into a bright new future?

My Review of A Wedding at the Beach Hut

Robyn’s past is about to meet her future!

I just adored A Wedding at the Beach Hut. Veronica Henry has written the perfect escapist, emotional and ultimately uplifting story that took me away from the troubles of the world into another time and place where I could lose myself completely. Reading A Wedding at the Beach Hut was pure bliss.

There’s a wonderful plot here that sweeps along, drawing in the reader so that they feel they are catching up with old friends and making new ones that they won’t forget. Although I had confidence that there would be a positive ending to the story befitting the genre, I was thoroughly entertained in getting to that ending. It’s tricky to articulate but I felt an affinity with the narrative that made it very affecting and emotional. I confess I cried on more than one occasion.

Veronica Henry has such a deft touch in her descriptions that makes them visual and evocative. There’s a scenic quality that is quite spellbinding. I loved the natural tone of the direct speech because it made me feel as if I were listening in to, not reading about, the people in A Wedding at the Beach Hut, making me fall in love with them all. I thought the balance of genders and ages was just perfect. Although she’s a more subsidiary character, Gwen in particular appealed to me because she illustrates that independence doesn’t have to mean isolation. I ended the story wanting to know what happened to them all after I’d closed the book as they felt real and vivid and Veronica Henry made me care about every one.

There’s an elegant maturity to the themes in A Wedding at the Beach Hut that is so fabulous. I can’t outline them all as it would spoil the read, but making the most of life and the opportunities that are presented, love, identity, family and belonging are just a few of the threads that are presented so beautifully that I felt their resonance physically as well as intellectually. This is such warm, wonderful and emotional writing.

A Wedding at the Beach Hut is an absolutely lovey book because Veronica Henry has given her readers a flawless example of women’s fiction at its most enchanting. I absolutely adored it.

About Veronica Henry

veronica henry

Veronica Henry has worked as a scriptwriter for The Archers, Heartbeat and Holby City amongst many others, before turning to fiction. She won the 2014 RNA Novel Of The Year Award for A Night on the Orient Express. Veronica lives with her family in a village in north Devon.

Find out more by visiting Veronica’s website or following her on Twitter @veronica_henry. You’ll also find her on Facebook.

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