London Hat Hunting Mission by Winnie Mak Tselikas

London 2

My grateful thanks to the author Winnie Mak Tselikas for a prize copy of London Hat Hunting Mission and a wonderful Parth doll. I have a confession, I didn’t actually realise I was entering a competition! I was just sharing the book love! However, I’m so glad I did. I shall be passing on this prize to my great-nephew and I know he’ll be thrilled.


Winnie has kindly signed the book for Luke too:


London Hat Hunting Mission is available for purchase with all the dolls directly through the website.

London Hat Hunting Mission

London 2

Four little friends, Lea, Hope, Jun and Parth are exploring London to look for magic hats to cure Mr. Globe’s headache! Where will they visit in this multicultural city? Will they find all the hats they need?

While you read the story and role play with your children, they will get to discover iconic places in London and learn how different children can play and work together in harmony! The hard cover London Hat Hunting Mission is the first one in “The Adventures in One Dear World” collection and your children will be able to travel around the world with our dolls in our future stories.

My Review of London Hat Hunting Mission

Four culturally diverse children set out on an adventure in London to try to cure Mr Globe’s terrible headache.

What a charming and delightful book London Hat Hunting Mission is. Firstly, I must comment on the quality of the production. There’s a smashing mix of images of the four children alongside photographs of London so that children can really get to see the places in the story. It would appeal to children living in the capital, but also enable others to travel there vicariously too so that the setting is just right for all. The paper is glossy and thick and the hard cover very durable so that I think this is a book that will last well over many, many readings.

The language in the book is a super mix of accessible and challenging words so that children can have the satisfaction of reading the story to themselves or younger siblings as well as extending their own vocabulary. I thought the inclusion of some phrases in other languages than English was inspired too as these really underpin the message of celebrating cultural diversity and friendship. Equally, London Hat Hunting Mission would lend itself really well to being read to younger children.

The inclusion of the game in the end papers to follow where the four children have travelled gives added value to the book too. However, the most important aspect of London Hat Hunting Mission is its underlying messages. The fact that these four children come from different ethnicities and have equal status regardless of gender gives important signals to children about how we can live together harmoniously. I really appreciate the fact they are carrying out a good deed to help Mr Globe too as children can learn that kindness brings its own rewards and working in a team is beneficial.

I thought London Hat Hunting Mission was a smashing book and I thoroughly applaud the author in her mission to celebrate, support and extend cultural diversity through a lively adventure.

Alongside the book I also have a Parth doll who is utterly delightful, well made and perfect for children of all ages!

About Winnie Mak Tselikas


Winnie Mak Tselikas is a believer in diversity. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she studied engineering, worked in commercial sales and in 2011 switched to education upon moving to London. There, she met her half-French, half-Greek husband and they had a son, who now has family in China, France, Greece, HK, the UK and the US. Winnie considers her son to be a world citizen rather than of a particular nationality or culture. Inspired by her family and London’s diversity, she founded One Dear World and created the lovely adventures of Mr. Globe and the little Londoner dolls.

You can find out more by visiting the One Dear World website finding them on Facebook and by following Winnie on Twitter @OneDearWorld.

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