Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid by Suzy Davies and illustrated by Sheila Graber

Luna the moon pig

My enormous thanks to the author Suzy Davies for a copy of Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid in return for an honest review. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful children’s fiction I get to read now as there wasn’t a lot of money for books when I was a child.

Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid is available for purchase here.

Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid

Luna the moon pig

Luna Moon Pig is the cutest of pigs, with a moon face, chocolate-drop eyes, and the wiggliest of tails. The Millers adopt her, and give her to their daughter, Maria. But Moon Pig longs for her freedom, and she soon escapes!

A friendly cardinal bird, and a wise owl accompany her on her adventure – a magical journey to a wild wood, and beyond.

When Luna returns to her surrogate family, something is different! How has she changed? Who did she meet? She has made a discovery, and has a new philosophy about life! What she knows now will change her life, for good!

This is a fairy tale for all ages, that tells of a kind of magic – the magic of self-belief!

My Review of Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid

Luna is the runt of the litter but that doesn’t prevent her having adventures!

What a glorious children’s book this is. Luna the Moon Pig is just delightful. Luna’s character is so well developed, being an insecure individual who learns to love herself through her adventures. She’s intelligent, appealing and I have a horrible feeling will make every child encountering this book want a pig as a pet, so parents – you have been warned!

There’s a fabulous plot that takes the reader from Luna’s birth through her new home and adventures to discovering her real value in life. All of this is told in excellent, straightforward language that not only conveys the narrative well and is interesting, but is accessible for slightly older children of around six to read independently so that their own literacy can be enhanced at the same time as they are being entertained.

The themes presented are so good for children to encounter and explore without feeling threatened personally. Luna lacks confidence in her appearance but comes to realise that beauty is on the inside too. She is aware of stranger danger and yet understands there is an exciting world to investigate but that family and home are important. I loved the blend of traditional fairy tale elements like wishes and magic alongside the more prosaic (and that’s not a criticism) aspects of simply having fun.

Alongside a smashing story of Luna’s adventures are wonderful illustrations by Sheila Graber that beautifully enhance the narrative. I loved the way the people in the book represent a wide range of ethnicities so that Luna the Moon Pig feels naturally inclusive and not contrived. Luna comes alive in these illustrations adding to the feeling that she is a very real character.

I think Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid is a wonderful children’s book and cannot recommend it highly enough.

About Suzy Davies


Suzy Davies is a Children’s Author, Romance Novelist and Poet. Her new release, Luna The Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid is illustrated by award-winning world-acclaimed illustrator and animator, Sheila Graber, famed for her work with Paddington Bear and family, Children’s Television and her illustration and animation of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories.

Suzy has also published Snugs The Snow Bear, a children’s book, and Johari’s Window, a romance novel.

Suzy has been a writer from an early age. She is a sociologist, and following her first degree at Leicester University, she read for an MA in English Literature at the University of Sussex, in England.

An educationist, Suzy was a Lead English Teacher and Literacy specialist. Suzy is passionate about nurturing future generations of writers, and to this end, she reviews books from time to time, and is an author contributor for The Young Writers’ Newsletter, an international online newsletter which is for young people who wish to write. She is also a regular contributor to The Writers’ newsletter online, where she posts her book reviews.

When Suzy isn’t behind a book, she likes the outdoors and enjoys communing with nature on the beach or by one of Florida’s lakes. She also likes to go to music concerts and enjoys visiting restaurants or mall shopping.

You can follow Suzy on Twitter @birdwriter7.

About Sheila Graber


Sheila Graber is a British animator and Visiting Professor to the University of Sunderland. She animated the children’s television series Paddington, has taught in schools and universities, and has won numerous awards.

You can follow Sheila on Twitter @sheilagraber.

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